Professional Farrier in Castle Rock, CO

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips spent his childhood enjoying the company of horses. He understood the importance of maintaining a horse's hooves so that they could live long and healthy lives. His time with these magnificent animals inspired him to choose a living taking care of a critical aspect of their well-being.

In 2008 Chris decided to train to become a professional farrier in Castle Rock, CO. His training included regular hoof maintenance, horseshoeing, therapeutic hoof care, and learning its structure. Most importantly, his education included why their hooves are so critical to their overall health.

He is a member in good standing with the American Farrier's Association. Chris has worked with several well-known veterinarians in the area and comes highly recommended. His dedication to the health of your horse is the foundation of his business. A correctly balanced hoof translates into a correctly balanced and sound horse.

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