Horseshoeing & TRIMMING

Professional Horseshoeing in Castle Rock, CO

Horseshoes protect your horse's feet from cracks, breakage, and sole injuries. The uneven or rocky ground can cause bruises and abscesses. Sudden lameness is a common occurrence in horses, but regular hoof maintenance and shoeing can help to avoid issues. Horseshoeing in Castle Rock, CO, is a smart preventative measure for the safety and well-being of your animal. If your horse is on a training schedule, worked more often than average or on rocky surfaces, their shoes will likely need replacing more often. If your horse throws a shoe unexpectedly, we can provide a replacement within 24–48 hours. Phillips Farrier Service also sees donkeys and miniature horses for shoeing.

  • Full Shoeing—$210
  • Half Shoeing—$145
  • Trim—$70
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Considerate Approach to Horse Health

Start yearlings with horseshoeing so they become accustomed to the practice at a young age. Sensitive horses occasionally need to be calmed with an oral anesthetic to trim their feet or apply shoes. In extreme cases, to avoid unnecessarily stressing the horse, a veterinarian or vet technician may need to provide an anesthetic injection for the safety of the horse and the people involved.

Horseshoeing in Progress

Therapeutic Horseshoeing

Therapeutic horseshoeing is called for when the horse has issues such as ligament or soft tissue damage, laminitis, or ringbone. Therapeutic shoeing manipulates the structure of the hoof and leg so that the correction occurs as the hoof grows. This type of shoeing offers the horse more comfort while standing and during movement. The shoes decrease pain and allow any damage or deformity in the hoof or leg to heal.

When your horse's hooves are too thin to shoe, Phillips Farrier Services uses a glue-on shoe to avoid using nails through the hoof. This service protects thin hooves from cracking and causing pain to the horse while the shoe is on.

Phillips Farrier Service works closely with several veterinarians to diagnose and correct horse conformation faults and concerns. He always maintains constant communication with owners to ensure the best care for their horse. Pricing for therapeutic shoeing is on a case-by-case basis.

Chris offers competitive pricing and excellent service to keep you and your horse working together for years to come.

Regular Hoof Care in Castle Rock, CO

There is no substitute for regular hoof care in Castle Rock, CO. Trimming your horse's hooves is a crucial health consideration for your animal. Hooves that suffer from breakage, cracks, or overgrowth drastically affect the way a large animal moves. This damage can cause issues with tendons, ligaments, and bones. The problems can then travel up their legs and affect their back and neck and could result in discomfort when being ridden. Ultimately a horse may develop behavioral issues related to pain. The cause is not always immediately apparent, but consider your horse's hoof care as one of the first areas to address.

Approximately every eight weeks you should have a farrier trim your horse's hooves to manage their growth to maintain health. Horses should stand four-square with evenly distributed weight on all their legs with no shifting or discomfort. An experienced farrier can quickly determine if your horse's trim is correct by observation while the horse is standing and in motion.

Schedule a free consultation with Phillips Farrier Service and start a regular hoof trimming routine. Trims begin at $60 and increase with corrective care services.

Hoof Care in Castle Rock, CO